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Saturday, October 31, 2009

God lead me to this one poem...

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Today is the tomorrow that you thought about yesterday.
Have you told someone that you love them?
did you show that you care?
if they needed you, were you there?

Don't judge some one else
until you've walked in their shoes.
If you had lived their life
would you not be a different you?
Don't be slow to say your "sorry"
and admit your mistakes.
If tomorrow never comes,
would your heart not ache
for all the things you left undone
and the words you never said?
If you have someone that loves you
then you are truly blessed.

Always count your blessings
for every day you have,
and do your very best
to make every day count.
Leave happy memories
with every one you love,
so it wont hurt so much
if tomorrow never comes.

Isnt it just the neatest thing ever when you ask God to help you find just the right words and leads you threw many pages of poems, and then all of sudden you hear a sweet voice whisper and say.....
"This one"


Denise said...

Always say I love you....... always.. We have no promise of tomorrow........ I have learned that a long time ago.........

You have such wonderful memories of your sweet brother.....and those memories will hold you till you see him again.......

You and your sweet family are in my heart and prayers.....

kimberly said...

hugs and love,

Donetta said...

yes...this one.
loving you

Joni said...

I am always humbled and enlightened when God says, "This one."


Keeping you in constant thought and you!

Patti said...

Beautiful post Annette
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.
Love you reminder

~The mind is like a parachute
it works best when it is opened~


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